Meet the Board

Susan Keesee, President

Susan KeeseeSusan has sung with the Conchords Chorale for many years. She has sung with her family her whole life and been part of choirs for the last ten years. She is also part of "Trouble with Trebles", a women's double trio that is an offshoot ensemble of the Conchords. Besides managing the choir, one of her key roles is handling the booking of our concert venues.

Susan has been retired for more than three years, after spending ten years as a registered nurse, and 27 years in medical sales and marketing. She keeps herself very busy with singing, golfing, boating, camping, water-skiing, and traveling. She also is very involved with her family: her partner, sisters, eleven nieces and nephews, and fifteen great nieces and nephews.




Nancy Walter, Vice-President

Nancy WalterNancy Walter joined the Conchords the Fall of 2010 eager to get back to singing after a five-year break. Nancy has been involved with choirs her entire life, she is enjoying her experience with the Conchords and loves the smiling faces of the people in the Assisted Living Facilities when they perform for them. Nancy currently serves on the board as Vice President and previously served as Member-at-large. What is her greatest joy singing with the choir? Hearing all the beautiful voices join together to bring joy to others.





Maggie De Runtz, Secretary

Maggie De RuntzMaggie DeRuntz has been a singer with the Conchords for more than five years. Initially, she happily sang with the altos but now is a tenor and proud to be "one of the guys." Her husband, John, is also a member and sings with the baritones. At times, he entertains our audiences with his talents at the keyboard.

Maggie is the secretary to the board and enjoys making contributions to this great group of singers. Previously, she was a section leader and managed ticket sales for our public performances.

As a retired educator, Maggie has time to devote to other volunteer activities at the Tigard library and Signature Hospice. She plays bridge, gardens, and loves the many cultural opportunities in this area. Working around traveling is a challenge at times, but singing with the Conchords is a high priority for her!




Mary Wardell, Treasurer

Mary Wardell has been a member of the Conchords since the fall of 2009 and serves as Treasurer of the group. She loves music and singing along with photography, crafting, working with Cub Scouts and spending time with her granddaughter.

Brenda Braden, Member-at-large

Brenda Braden serves as Member-at-large on the board, a link between the members and the rest of the Conchord’s board.

Linda Rutledge, President Emeritus

Linda RutledgeLinda Rutledge has been an active part of the Conchords Chorale for more than ten years. Yes, she loves to sing but she also likes to take roles in leadership She has served the Conchords twice as president. She also served as treasurer for seven years. Currently, she serves as a non-voting member of the board sharing her experience.

Besides leading the direction of the Conchords, Linda has sought opportunities to connect the Conchords to different fundraising opportunities that allow the Conchords to continue as a non-profit choir.

What does Linda do besides sing with the Conchords? She’s a financial advisor during the work week and is very involved with golfing, bowling, Chicks Connect, networking, and loves to be with her family which includes a husband of 35 years, two sons, a daughter-in-law, a soon to be daughter-in-law, and four grandkids. Whew! Is there time to sleep?




Don Anderson, Artistic Director

Don AndersonDon Anderson has a degree in music education and a varied and extensive background as a tenor soloist, including performances with the Portland Opera, Oregon Symphony, and Portland Symphonic Choir. His directorial experiences include the US Army Corp Command Chorus, German Preparatory Chorus, Liedertafel Harmonie, Portland Chorale, Cloud 9 young men's vocal ensemble, and Stratosphere, a young women's ensemble. He has been a voice coach in the Portland area for 30 years, and a commissioned composer and arranger.