Joining the Choir

There are no tryouts to join the Conchords Chorale, anyone 18 or older is welcome to become a member. We only ask that each person be able to carry a tune and to be able to learn the music. All performers have memorized their parts for the past couple of years, and while this is not a hard and fast rule, it is strongly encouraged. If you have a heart for music and a desire to join in public performances that really touch audiences, please come to one of the early rehearsals and chat with Don Anderson, our Director.

Dues, in part, cover music, rental of practice facilities, some costuming, honoraria for the director, salary for the accompanist, and other costs that periodically arise throughout the seasons.

$ 90 for a single performance session (September to December or January to May)
$140 for both sessions, September to June.
$ 90 for both sessions for a second family member.
$ 20 refundable music deposit.

Ladies wear a black dress and black lace jacket with black shoes (closed-toe flats are recommended), black hose or socks, and pearls. Men wear black dress slacks and black dress shoes, white long-sleeved shirt, silver vest, and a royal blue bow tie (in the summer) or a bright red bow tie (in the winter). During our Spring seasons we often find ourselves in some more unique costuming, Spring 2012 saw us in a variety of costumes from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

More specifics, including any applicable costs, may be obtained from our Costuming Coordinator. The clothing parts of the uniform may be obtained through the costume manager so don't worry about getting the colors correct or matching the rest. We are also very careful about keeping the costume costs low.

Our main rehearsal venue is the Tualatin High School Choir Room (22300 SW Boones Ferry Rd; Tualatin, OR 97062) on Wednesday nights from 7:15 to 9:30. Alternate rehearsal locations are arranged when the school is not available.

Occasional sectional rehearsal (e.g. "tenors", "altos", etc.) are called at the director’s discretion as needed. These rehearsals may be held at either of our rehearsal locations or at an alternate location such as a member's home. Any other rehearsals are scheduled on an as-needed basis.