Booking the Choir

The Conchords Chorale book about eight to ten concerts on a "first come, first served basis" during our Winter and Spring season.

Concert Season


  • Concerts during a four-week period beginning shortly after Thanksgiving through December 21.


  • Concerts during the four week period from mid-May through mid-June.


  • A piano that is in tune, electronic keyboards rarely work as well.
  • Enough space for at least 50 singers, piano, director, risers, sound board, and four to six microphones.
  • Green room with lock for warming up and storing valuables.
  • Access to performance room at least an hour in advance for setup of risers and sound system (If we bring our own).
  • Drinking water.


Our standard fee is $200 per concert, however, we understand that money is tighter than it has been for some time, so on church events that "pass the plate", we are willing to perform for a 50/50 split of the plate.

To Book a Concert

Please use the Contact Form on this website to indicate your desire to book the choir and a member of the board will contact you shortly.